Ideation, Storyboarding, Asset Generation, Animation/Motion Design

The Projects

Throughout the year, our team is tasted with various campaigns which require animated elements. These campaigns have ranged from social posts to Loblaw's digital marketing advertisements with many other in between. The request to take on animated content required the designers on our team to self learn the skill (thanks Youtube!).

Casa Mendosa Christmas Campaign (for Loblaw's)

The goal of this campaign was to encourage gathering with friends and family in during the Christmas season, through appetizers and dining occasion. Before animating, I was tasked with researching Christmas in Mexico (the inspiration and voice behind the brand; Casa Mendosa), followed by concept creation through story boards. After weeks of work, all the preparation and long hours culminated in the finished piece, a looping video showcasing what can be done with the product. Limited to just 15 seconds, as per regulations, this animation is jam packed with content and quick transitions to keep the viewer' attention.

Gadoua "Now we have Everything" campaign (for Loblaw's)

This campaign, generated and brought to life by our design team, focuses on our new everything bread. The tagline is a play on words, indicating that we now have everything bread, but also that our product line-up is now has every flavour available. The creative idea behind the animation is a line-up of our most popular products on a grocery store conveyor belt, moving down until the newest is revealed.

Wonder & Gadoua Christmas Advent Calendar

1 of 25, yes 25, Wonder animations created for our 2022 Instagram social advent calendar. All 25 of these animations open on a Wonder/Gadoua themed scene indicating the day of advent. The animation then zooms or pans, depending on the day, revealing the content of that specific day. In this case, we were advertising a giveaway for an ugly Christmas sweater that we also created!

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