Antoni Dalewski

Creative Thinker and Problem Solver.

My name is Antoni, I am a recent graduate of York University/Sheridan College Joint Program in Design (YSDN). I specialize in digital content creation, package design, editorial design, as well as communication and apparel design.

When Iā€™m not at school you can catch me playing soccer, taking photos, cycling or playing video games. Iā€™m a huge soccer fan (COYG!) and my free time creations prove just that. I have taught myself to sew and started making side bags and shoulder bags out of soccer and basketball jerseys. 

I love to take portraits of my friends or just locations I find when I'm on my bike. You can see my favourite photos in the here. I usually have my earbuds in as well, listening to music or podcasts. Some of my favourite artists at the moment are ONEFOUR, Manila Grey and Anders.


šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦ šŸ‡µšŸ‡± āš½ļø šŸš“ā€ā™‚ļø šŸŽ® 


Editorial Design          Communication Design 

Product Design           Advertising 

Branding                    Video Editing 

Apparel Design           Photography


Photoshop          Illustrator          Clo3d

InDesign             Lightroom         Figma

After Effects        Acrobat             Sketch

Premiere Pro      InVision


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