The Project

For my fourth year thesis I chose to combine both my passions, design and soccer. My goal was to push kit design, using both material and design. Current football/soccer kits are mundane, with the only difference between teams being the pattern printed on the shirt. All teams are stuck wearing the same material. My goal was to create 12 new kits experimenting with materials and patterns. I compiled these 12 kits into an editorial lookbook with each jersey having 4 spreads (8 pages) each. Each has a materials list, team history and design rationale. This book is printed at 12 inches by 12 inches, with it being available for purchase via Blurb.


All copyrighted assets used in this project (club and country badges, sponsors and manufacturer badges) are property of their respective owners, being used for educational purposes. All graphic patterns are courtesy of Adobe Stock and are being used under an educational license. 


Apparel Design and Rendering, Editorial Design

Experimenting with Materials.


Using Format