Create unique artwork for Wonderbrands bread delivery trucks.

Sept 2022-Oct 2022

As part of the internal design team, we were tasked with generating concepts for trucks delivering bread to highly populated areas. The main goal of this brief was to create something eye catching and loud, in order to create exposure for our company; Wonderbrands. In addition, we were asked to highlight our 5 brands in a fun and engaging manner.


Ideation, Research, Illustration and Concept Development

Concept 1: Marvel-ous Wonderbrands

This concept is heavily influenced by retro comic books and pop art. The main focus of this concept is the Wonderbrands logo, with the company's tagline to its right. This concept was successful is serving the dual purpose of being a loud unique design that draws attention to brands, through the products in the shapes. This piece was an employee favourite, earning a spot on the wall in our Queensway office!

Concept 2: Out with the Old

This newspaper truck also made into the final 3. This work leverages the new innovative and start-up mentality of Wonderbrands, as compared to the older and more traditional roots of the previous owners; Weston Foods. Although not as colourful or bright as the previous concept, this piece has a deeper message.

Concept 3: To the Moon

This concept was specifically requested by some of the executives of Wonderbrands. The main focus of this concept is the Wonderbrands rocket ship, the new mascot of the company. This ship represents Wonderbrands continuous innovation and growth to become the world's best bakers!

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