The Project

Our team was tasked with bringing Casa Mendosa to Tacofest Toronto 2022. We created a tent, coupons and immersive green screen backgrounds to boost engagement with festival goers.

Casa Mendosa Coupons

Free Product Coupons

I created these coupons to be handed out to visitors at our stand at Tacofest 2022. These coupons showcase all of our products, emphasizing our best sellers. These coupons are connected to the other elements we brought to Tacofest, enforcing our tightly knit brand identity.

Green Screen Backgrounds

These back drops were created to increase drive and engagement at our tent at Tacofest. Visitors would select their desired background and the camera would replace the screen with the image. Each person would then receive a printout, as you do in photo booths, with each printout having the brand logo on it. I created 3 distinct and unique images to give the festival goers more choice and increase chances of them connecting with one.

Using Format