Illustration, Animation, Storyboarding, Videography, Video Editing

The Project

Over the period of four months, I was tasked by UHN (“Virtual RACE Program” QI Project at the Toronto General Hospital in the Thoracic Surgery and Respirology Department) to create a series of videos. These 3 videos are being used to educate patients, in a clear and efficient manner, on what Tenckhoff catheters are and how to use them, phasing out the existing textbook style information booklets. I designed these videos under tight deadlines and followed UHN's existing brand guidelines and standards. Throughout the duration of the project, correspondence and communication with UHN staff occurred both via email and video calls. 

Challenged with making such a complex topic simple enough to understand, yet detailed enough to be effective, I chose to execute multiple solutions. For the first and second videos, which are explanations of the illness and possible solutions, 2D animation was used. For the third video, which explains how to use the medical equipment, a hybrid of 2D animation and practical video footage is utilized. 

I began by designing and creating storyboards, then preparing a design plan including concepts and layouts for motion graphics. I created the content for the animated portions using Adobe Illustrator, before importing them into After Effects for incorporation in the motion project. I recorded the footage for Video 3 at the hospital, later sorting and editing the raw footage before combining it with the 2D animations to create the final video.  

Video 1: Pleural Effusions and Management Options

An explanation on what pleural effusions are, signs and symptoms of pleura effusions and options for managing malignant pleural effusions.

Video 2: Indwelling Pleural Catheter/Tenckhoff Catheter

This video summarizes how the catheter is inserted and how it heals, how to take care of the catheter at home and how long the process may take. Also outlined are the benefits and risks of using a catheter, as well an explanation as to what spontaneous pleurodesis is. 

Video 3: Caring for the Tenckhoff Catheter

This final video shows patients how to use the catheter, specifically how to drain, flush and dress the catheter. Each phase outlines the equipment and materials required to perform the procedures, allowing for easy following.


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